How you can help support us:



Although the Where There’s a Well project has been hugely successful thus far, there is much more work to be done, and it cannot be funded as it has to date by individual contribution.


It has to move to the next stage of development.





We will initially have 3 principal ways for people to help us maintain the momentum of the programme:


  1. Major headline donors
  2. The creation of our Hundred Heroes – individuals (or groups) who are prepared to undertake some fund-raising activity during the year to raise a minimum of £1,000
  3. Individual donations


Currently we are in the process of registering Where There’s a Well as a charity. At that point our fund-raising can start for real.


In the meantime, do keep in touch with developments on the web site, pledge your support for what we are doing or send us your suggestions and thoughts.


Tell your friends, tell us of others you know who might be interested in helping, spread the word, or best of all, tell us you’d like to be one of our Hundred Heroes.


There is a also a recommend to a friend button on the bottom left of this site.